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Wood Preen
The BWC Company is the leading online reseller of hard to find finishing
products including the original Butcher's® Paste Wax, , Wood Preen® Liquid
Wax and Liberon Black Bison English Wax and our own Boston Polish and
Bowling Alley Wax.

We specialize in finding the great old time product you love.  Please let us
know if you don't see what you want and perhaps we can find it
Great Information;
New England Brown Wax
TV's Trading Spaces:  Venetian Plaster
How to Wax Furniture and Floors
Keeping you home clean
Liberon Black Bison Wax
Commercial Sales Team
Liberon Black Patinating Wax
Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax
Liberon Teak Oil with UV Filter
Liberon Oil Free Steel Wool
Our Wax Blog
New England Brown
Paste Wax
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Wood Preen® is a registered trademark of Sara Lee Overseas Finance N.V.
Butcher's® is a registered trademark of The Butcher Company.
Liberon® is a registered trademark of V33 Group Company
SurBuf® is a registered trademark of Kjibe, Inc.
1.Bowling Alley Wax
2.Boston Polish Amber Wax
3 Liberon Black Bison Wax
4 New England Brown Wax
5.Renaissance Wax
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YES Bowling Alley Wax and Boston Polish
are still Available
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