Protecting Metal with Bowling Alley Wax

Posted on July 7, 2011 by Administrator

We constantly get asked about the use of Bowling Alley Wax on Metals such as Steel, Bronze, Copper and
more.  This is a very popular use for our products and several articles have been written about it.

Rather than regurgitating the same info, I thought it would be better to point you to the sources.

Popular Science printed a great article on how to protect Metal.  It can be found at:

The New England Sculptors Association Recommend Bowling Alley Wax for annual application on
outdoor sculptures:

The Texas Historical Commission also wrote a great paper on using Bowling Alley Wax for Statue

Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission article on protecting Ancient Iron, Bronze and Zinc
Grave Markers:  

National Park Service give us maybe too much detail on how to care for Bronze Plaques using Bowling
Alley Wax:

OK, One more Outdoor Sculpture Care from Williamstown Art Conservation Center:

Hopefully I didn’t overwhelm you with information.  I always figure too much is better than too little…

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What happened to Butcher’s Wax?

Posted on May 31, 2011 by Administrator

Many shed tears the day Butcher’s parent company decides to do away with this 135 year old product.  
Bowling Alley (clear), Boston Polish (amber) and New England (brown) Paste Waxes have been relied on
for decades.

Known for its stunning shine and durable finish, these products have been used by homeowners for
Floors, Furniture, Cabinets, Leather and Antiquities.  Businesses have trusted these waxes for Mold
Release, Lubrication and protection of their products and Machinery.

This great product is now back on the market, less the “Butcher” name.  All three brands (Clear, Amber
and Brown) are available from or in numerous Hardware Stores Nationwide.

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