Should I buy Butcher's® Style Wax or Butcher Block Oil?
This is the most common question we receive from our clients.  Because of the name,
Butcher's Wax is often confused with Butcher Block Oil, however, the products couldn't be
more different.

Butcher's Wax, also known as "Bowling Alley Wax" and "Boston Polish" is named after the
Butcher Company's Founder and product inventor, Charles Butcher (for more on the history
of the Butcher Company visit their corporate website at:

Butcher's Wax is a leading Paste Wax product that is great for use on Hardwood Floors,
Furniture, Artwork,  Counter's Cabinets, and countless other items.

Where all Paste Wax, should not be used is on Butcher Blocks that are used as a cutting
surface or on Salad Bowls, Wooden Spoons, etc.

Butcher's Block Oil is ideal for this use.  It helps feed the end grain of a Butcher Block and
softens the wood fibers helping them to close up.  The Butcher Block Oil sold here is food
safe and meets or exceeds FDA regulations for use in food preparation areas.
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