Links and other great information:

General Wax Information:

Applying Wax:
-How to apply Wax to Floors and Furniture
-Thos. Moser Guide to Re-Waxing Fine Oiled Hardwood  Furniture
- Recommended Floor Buffing Machines

Antique Care:
- Caring for Antiques by Suzanna Cullen
-PBS Antiques Roadshow "Leave the Finish Alone" Care Article

Concrete Counter tops:
-Concrete Homes Magazine, Caring for Concrete Counter tops
-Concrete Ideas - Protecting the finish {on concrete Counter tops}

-New England Sculpture Association: Fine Sculpture
Care Making a Blanket Mold
-Making and Caring for Bronze Sculptures
-National Parks Service - Caring for Outdoor Bronze Plaques

Bronze Tile:
-RJ Studios :Care and Feeding Bronze Tiles

Venetian Plaster:
-Venetian Plaster from TV's Trading Spaces

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