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Preen Style Liquid Wax - 32 oz.
Original Wood Preen was a great Product and we have finally found an
even Greater Replacement!   

It was a sad day earlier 7 years ago when the Manufacturer of Wood Preen
decided to discontinue this great product.

Since that time we have tested dozens of potential products with no luck.  
Finally we put our team to work and developed a Great replacement.

Like Wood Preen, our Preen Style Wax cleans and waxes in one easy step.  
It's Carnauba based for a long lasting finish and does NOT contain any
harmful Silicon or Beeswax.  

Try our new Preen Style Wax.  We know you will love it.   

Preen Style Wax is great on many surfaces including:  Wood Floors,
Cabinets, Linoleum, Terrazzo and much more.  Not for use on Asphalt or
Rubber Tile.