Polish with Bowling Alley Wax or Boston Polish Wax

Normal wear and tear on wood furniture can cause the surface to
become dull and dingy. Time, heat and light can age the finish of a
piece of furniture even if it’s well taken care of. Before purchasing a
furniture stripper to remove the old finish completely, try either Boston
Polish or Bowling Alley Wax:

It can bring new life to an aged and dull finish.
Paste wax fills tiny scratches to restore shine.
It also protects the piece from future wear.
Wax stays on the piece much longer, until it is either washed off or
worn away.

1. Gently wash the wood surface with a mild soap and water solution
and allow to dry. Place a small amount of Bowling Alley or Boston
Polish Wax in the middle of an oil free 0000 steel wool (a clean soft cloth
will also work but it absorbs wax and does not spread as evenly). Rub
the wax-filled Wool or cloth on the surface in small areas (figure A).
Using this method controls the amount of wax placed on the furniture.

2. Allow the wax to haze over, approximately 5-10 minutes and then
gently wipe off the excess with a soft clean cloth. If you can streak the
surface with a finger, the excess isn't removed. When you think it's
done, buff with still another clean cloth. Make sure not to wait too long
to remove the wax as it will become harder to do so.   On larger
surfaces such as Wood Floors, an electric buffer can be uses with a
clean buffing pad.  

3. Apply another coat. It will fill any gaps in the first layer and add a
beautiful shine to the piece.

4. To keep the shine up, don't use furniture polish over the wax. Clean
with a feather duster or damp rag. Repeat the waxing process when it
becomes dull again.

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